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Hitchhiking on a comet

67P 1

One of the many photos the European Space Agency robot spacecraft Rosetta has taken of Comet 67P, with which it rendezvoused last week.

It later dispatched a tiny lander to the surface, which unfortunately landed in a shadow preventing its solar panels from drawing enough ultraviolet to power its batteries for drilling samples and examining them. A good reason for stifling the green weenies and providing radioisotope power next time.

The whole encounter is a reminder of ScFi writer G. David Nordley’s good novella This Old Rock about a far-future family homesteading an asteroid to mine and sell its minerals.

Via Phase Line Birnam Wood

UPDATE:  Losing power from its shadowed solar collector the little lander is having trouble calling home. But Philae might revive itself next August when P67 nears the sun.

MORE: Stupidly, even NASA is backing off nuclear power for political reasons. But still fighting “global warming” like crazy for, wait for it, political reasons.

The army that’s bigger than China’s

Remington 700

And, oh by the way, Wormtongue and his political party have succeeded in driving many of the country’s gun makers to the South, where they belong. Which, as it happens, is where a good many (if not most) of that army bigger than China’s resides.

Bet you didn’t know that the original Mr. Remington’s first name was Eliphalet. The company is keeping its HQ in New York State but, thanks to the Democrat governor’s inane anti-gun stance, is sending 2,000 jobs to Alabama. Yee Haw!

Via Darkwater.

History rhymes

Bush Jr.’s assault on the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001 made perfect sense after their sanctuaried client Al Queda’s murderous work in Lower Manhattan a few months before.

Likewise our 2003 invasion of Iraq where dictator Saddam Hussein had the means, the motive and the opportunity to aid Al Q as well, though our leftist federal bureaucrats never could seem to find the proof of it.

More than a decade of largely-feckless political and military operations later, Bush’s leftist successor cut and ran from Iraq and is hobbling what’s left of the American military in Afghanistan.

As pathetic as it all is, as Darkwater shows, this history actually rhymes—with Rudyard Kipling’s 1917 poem MesopotamiaKipling even called our aftermath as the leftist federal bureaucrats, their president and lifelong pols like Hillary Clinton continue their lucrative careers:

“Our dead shall not return to us while Day and Night divide –
Never while the bars of sunset hold.
But the idle-minded overlings who quibbled while they died,
Shall they thrust for high employments as of old?”

You betcha. Their leftist media pals who likewise don’t believe in military service will continue to cover for them and the American dead of Iraq and Afghanistan will be forgotten by all but their families. Some of the crippled ones can even look forward to being assaulted on American streets.

I hope the volunteers of 2001 and 2003 and subsequently will impart the lesson they learned to a new generation of would-be warriors: our government cannot be trusted and joining the micro-managed American military—for any reason other than to repel a direct attack on the homeland—is only slow-motion suicide.

Via Darkwater at Phase Line Birnam Wood.

Pols cut federal pensions of disabled veterans

tell us again

The pensions of civilian federal retirees were not affected by the cuts written into law by Republican Paul Ryan and backed by the Democrats. Meanwhile, last year, in the 12th full year of fighting, American troop deaths in Afghanistan finally reached 2,301.

Via Darkwater.

UPDATE:  Apparently the law was amended to exempt the pensions of disabled retirees and their spouses from the cuts, while retaining the cuts for all other military retirees. Civilian federal retiree pensions still were not affected.

Rule 5: Barbarella

Hanoi Jane in her most famous “role,” though I suspect the breasts are as plastic as they look. I had to hunt for even this level of eroticism. I remembered that the movie was stupid. It was also tamer than I thought.

Humor, more or less

Funnyman Jonathan Winters, who breathed his last not long ago at age 87, had a well-known strange sense of humor. None more so than in this mordant one of his several paintings.

Via Phase Line Birnam Wood, who has an exceptionally good Winters obit.

Assassin alert

Step right up, all you paid killers. Where else can you legally use a “silencer” on your murder rifle? Shoot (so to speak) right here in Tejas, that’s where. Howsomever, says the NRA:

“Suppressors are not ‘silencers,’ as depicted in typical Hollywood action films.  While suppressors do not eliminate the sound of a firearm, they do reduce the muzzle report in a manner similar to the way that a muffler reduces exhaust noise from a vehicle.”

Still… This little law, designed to absolve game and varmint hunters from noise pollution complaints, is bound to make your work easier. Just another paean to business in this here red state, while the blue ones (California, Michigan, etc.)  go bankrupt.

Via Darkwater at Phase Line Birnam Wood.