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One more reason to vote for Mac

Possibly the best, via Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online, in a remark about Reagan:

"Reagan spent his entire life standing up to the bully. From boyhood on, he interposed himself between the bully and the innocent. He stood up to the bullies in his schools. He stood up to the Communists in Hollywood, and to the coercive unions. He stood up to the student radicals and their abettors. He stood up to the Soviets. He simply stood up.

"In the world today are a lot of bullies to stand up to: al-Qaeda, the mullahs, the North Koreans, the Chinese Communists, the Castro brothers, Chávez. John McCain will almost certainly do it. Barack Obama will almost certainly not."


I confess that I was among the first intrepid Texas reporters to ask then presidential candidate Ronald Reagan if he was too old to be president. He was properly indignant. It was not my unique concern, of course, but merely the start of months of journalistic sheep baaing the quibble at him. He was, if I recall, just sixty-nine at the time, while I was a callow thirty-six or so. Thus John McCain, who at seventy-two would be, next January, just two years older than Reagan was on his Inauguration Day, is already being hammered about his age by contemporary callow youth. Fortunately there are plenty of folks who know better.