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One more reason to vote for Mac

Possibly the best, via Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online, in a remark about Reagan:

"Reagan spent his entire life standing up to the bully. From boyhood on, he interposed himself between the bully and the innocent. He stood up to the bullies in his schools. He stood up to the Communists in Hollywood, and to the coercive unions. He stood up to the student radicals and their abettors. He stood up to the Soviets. He simply stood up.

"In the world today are a lot of bullies to stand up to: al-Qaeda, the mullahs, the North Koreans, the Chinese Communists, the Castro brothers, Chávez. John McCain will almost certainly do it. Barack Obama will almost certainly not."

Polling the polls

It may or may not be significant that the polls are all over the map, as Mac says. This analysis says that it is statistically likely that they would be varying. Statistics and I are not friends, so I can’t independently say yay or nay.

But I do agree that it is probably significant that not a single poll that I am aware of (though with two hundred fifty-one this month alone, how can I be sure?) shows Mac in the lead. In 2004, some polls showed Kerry in the lead and some showed Bush in the lead. This time out, at least as of this date, all of them seem to show Barry leading. The question is: will Mac take the lead between now and Tuesday? Whatever. The voters have the last word, so the important thing is to vote!

Winning and losing

"What are you going to do when Obama wins?" a former colleague asked. I responded: "What are you going to do when he loses?"

Like Cobb, I’d go on as usual, though certainly less focused on politics for a while. My old colleague, I suspect, would scream and rant for several months, at a minimum–like a lot of her peers. Some say the Big Media and their fellow-traveling pollsters, who have so intently misled Barry’s supporters for so long, might see their house burned down by the irate losers. At the least, if Mac wins, but not substantially, this thing will be tied up in the courts and recountings for a good while. If Barry wins even by a small margin, well, the nice thing about Republicans is that they don’t riot and they seldom sue.

Mac’s coming victory

If you watch/read Big Media and pay attention to the polls they commission, you have to be anticipating Barry’s landslide of a victory. Heck, he’s already drafted his inaugural speech.

But if you realize that Big Media is not throwing straight dice, and the polls they commission are heavily weighted to favor Democrat for-Barry responses over Republican for-Mac and/or Independent still-Undecided ones, then you’ll be more skeptical. Especially when you consider the millions of P.U.M.A. voters who don’t fit Big Media’s narrative and therefore are being ignored, you will come around to the idea that Mac and Sarah not only have a very good chance to win, but they could win really big.

Why Barry will lose

It’s not a popular opinion, of course, but I’ve never thought Barry could win, even with Big Media in the bag. They were in the bag for John Kerry, too. Even with the polls showing Barry ahead, a few by as much as eleven points. Most have his "lead" barely outside the margin of error. All are using other polling to weight Democrat influence ahead of Republican or Independent. Yet other results consistently show Mac ahead in the "qualified to command" and "ready to be president" categories.

The stock market is dropping like a stone, so the party in power gets the blame for economic troubles, even though unfairly. Barry will win in a landslide. Especially because Mac isn’t attacking enough, but trying to win the gentlemanly way. I still don’t believe it. If ever there was a time for people to vote for the tested, however boring, instead of a novelty act with a compelling demeanor but less experience than a certain maligned governor of Alaska, this is it. Times of great uncertainly call for the tried-and-true, not a sparkling, young neophyte of dubious background.

From McFudd to McThud

One thing I really didn’t like about the first "debate" was the way Mac avoided talking about the causes of the financial crisis, the history that he knows so well, and where the blame truly lies.

He had the perfect opportunity and he threw it away. Instead he just talked up the need for a bailout. Now some think Sarah should carry the ball. That’s not realistic. This is Mac’s game and a real chance to win, considering that only twenty-four percent support the bailout–or to lose it all.

McCain won, I think

I didn’t watch much of it live. I have seen several clips, and I followed some of the live-blogging, and read the conclusions of others–some of whom thought that, while Barry may not have won, he didn’t lose, either. Mr. B.’s mom, whose job it is to watch such things, thought it was a tie. She thought Mac won on content but Barry won on style. Style. Like an Olympic gymnast. Sigh. In some of the clips I saw, he was clearly irritated. I thought it was Mac who was supposed to have the temper?

All in all, I don’t think any of these "debates," are very meaningful, since the participants seldom say anything imaginative. Just their stump speech points. Nor do I think they have much impact on the elections. On the Big Media and the soundbite collections, sure, but how many people do they persuade? I think Biden and Palin will be more fun to watch and I won’t miss that one.