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Thoughts on guns and self defense

Even living in a neighborhood where the police “are just minutes away,”   (though that might be way too late) I find my guns a great comfort.

Knowing that many of my peaceful but cooperative neighbors also are armed adds to the assurance. I only fret that they and I do not get to the range to practice often enough—because a gun without practice is almost as useless as an unloaded one.


Useful ideas from Strategy Page:

“Practice basic combat operations, like changing magazines. You must take cover when you do this as people who don’t, often get shot…

“Practice shooting at long range…While it’s true that most combat is at shorter ranges…,you will sometimes find yourselves being shot at by people farther away…

“Cars and trucks, unless armored, are not bullet proof…take cover behind concrete or steel. Fighting from behind an unarmored vehicle means you will eventually get shot when you don’t expect to. Indeed, when ambushed and in an unarmored vehicle that cannot move, the best thing to do is get away from that vehicle as soon as possible.”


Not that I ever expect to have to fight more than one (at the most) criminal at Rancho Roly Poly, but it’s better to be prepared. Certainly that than totally reliant on the always late-arriving police and therefore, like the gun-controllers and other antigunners generally, oblivious to the possibilities.


As Cobb puts it: “Education about protecting one’s own life is more important than education about the context of laws passed and theories about collective states and militias. I have no spiffy analogy to offer illustrating the foolishness – but look to your own martial education and re-evaluate your position.”


This old favorite from blogger Meryl Yourish, which she appropriately headlined “What A Difference A Gun Makes,” further illustrates the comfort level.

Via Jerry Pournelle and Cobb.

UPDATE:  Study: Concealed Carry Equals Fewer Murders.

MORE:  A picture we can never expect to see in Texas. If we ever do they can rename the place New York and take down the Lone Star forever.

Gotta get a Glock?

So, I’m thinking of replacing my aging S&W .38 revolver with something newer. A semi-auto, for sure. Before the wackos pass a ban on them. I doubt they could but, then, I never thought Barry, the high-unemployment, food-stamp president, could be re-elected.

Since we’re talking home protection here, rather than range or carry, should I shop for stopping power or would that be, ahem, overkill? Maybe a 1911 like the one I carried in the Army, but spiffier in, say, all-black, or would a .32 Baretta be nicer? Smaller, for sure. Could do with a smaller gun safe.

Glocks just seem too trashy, too Saturday-night-specially. Or am I being prejudiced or something?

Meanwhile, it is to laugh that Barry & the Looners (sounds like a grunge band) are out to ban “assault rifles” and high-capacity mags. Heh. Go for it, morons, I say. It’s strictly feel-good legislation to make the Progressives think they’re getting closer to the totalitarianism they so crave.