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Last stand of the NRA

Here, of all places. As in Texas, not liberal Austin. I have an NRA sticker on my rear window my son says will get the car broken into looking for guns. Not yet. My sticker isn’t current because I long ago lost interest in the NRA. Blowhards who keep asking for money, long after the initial membership, and the principal target of liberal politicians; whereas there are other, more effective gun owner groups. But I welcome the reinforcement of conservative politics. Just hope it doesn’t backfire. They could take their last stand in, say, Alabama..

Top 3 Concealed Carry 1st Gun Mistakes

Wallace Smedley


Based in part from the questions I get from my readers, and in part from conversations with people who have told me of their own mistakes, as well as those I made on the way here, I have decided to put together my list of the top three 1st carry gun mistakes people make. As guns are expensive, and buying one that is inappropriate for the task of concealed carry is hard for some people to correct, I hope this list will help people when they are about to make their first purchase of a concealed carry handgun.
Small Gun Fixation

One thing that people tend to give an excessive amount of focus on is in finding the tiniest gun possible for concealed carry. True enough, you can carry one of these dinky little semi-auto handguns in a pocket and no one will be aware. But you do need to…

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Arm yourself

After the El Paso and Dayton massacres, it’s time to arm yourself. And start carrying daily and practicing weekly. Or else practice hitting the floor and low-crawling under a table or other protection.

Gun control is the argument of the day. But it doesn’t work anywhere, not in Mexico, not in Chicago. It just makes the pols feel good. And it won’t work here, either, especially not any misguided notion of confiscations.

A couple of quickly dead mass shooters might do the trick.


Took my darlin’ Barbara Ellen shootin’ at Red’s in Pflugerville over the weekend. She loved it. Noise didn’t hurt her ears and she had one tight group plus a lot of wandering shots with my Ruger semi-auto .22. We’ll go again soon. She’ll get better. Love women with guns.

Barry Hussein the job creator

Yes! Thousands of new jobs with his mouth alone. And not just new bureaucrats.

“The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has released a new report that reveals more than 100,000 jobs in gun-related industries were created in the last 7 years.

“The NSSF reports that in 2008 the number of jobs in firearms-related industries was 166,200. In 2015 that number jumped to 287,986, for an additional 121,786 jobs or an increase of 73%.”

I say that’s change we can believe in!

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  Otherwise, he’s the first president not to see a single year of 3% GDP growth. Although I think you could thank his party—Pelosi, Reid, etc.— for most of the problem.

Hitting the black

Our last outing at Red’s indoor range in Pflugerville, Mr. B. put four .22 rounds in the black bull’s eye. Obviously improving on our semi-auto Ruger pistol.

Still has trouble with our double-action, Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and its bigger kick, but we’re working on it.

Thoughts on guns and self defense

Even living in a neighborhood where the police “are just minutes away,”   (though that might be way too late) I find my guns a great comfort.

Knowing that many of my peaceful but cooperative neighbors also are armed adds to the assurance. I only fret that they and I do not get to the range to practice often enough—because a gun without practice is almost as useless as an unloaded one.


Useful ideas from Strategy Page:

“Practice basic combat operations, like changing magazines. You must take cover when you do this as people who don’t, often get shot…

“Practice shooting at long range…While it’s true that most combat is at shorter ranges…,you will sometimes find yourselves being shot at by people farther away…

“Cars and trucks, unless armored, are not bullet proof…take cover behind concrete or steel. Fighting from behind an unarmored vehicle means you will eventually get shot when you don’t expect to. Indeed, when ambushed and in an unarmored vehicle that cannot move, the best thing to do is get away from that vehicle as soon as possible.”


Not that I ever expect to have to fight more than one (at the most) criminal at Rancho Roly Poly, but it’s better to be prepared. Certainly that than totally reliant on the always late-arriving police and therefore, like the gun-controllers and other antigunners generally, oblivious to the possibilities.


As Cobb puts it: “Education about protecting one’s own life is more important than education about the context of laws passed and theories about collective states and militias. I have no spiffy analogy to offer illustrating the foolishness – but look to your own martial education and re-evaluate your position.”


This old favorite from blogger Meryl Yourish, which she appropriately headlined “What A Difference A Gun Makes,” further illustrates the comfort level.

Via Jerry Pournelle and Cobb.

UPDATE:  Study: Concealed Carry Equals Fewer Murders.

MORE:  A picture we can never expect to see in Texas. If we ever do they can rename the place New York and take down the Lone Star forever.