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Another Blumenthal Ranger

Time was when every Vietnam vet was a baby killer. Then every Vietnam vet was a hero, simply for having served over there. Neither made much sense but reflected the ambivalence in which we were held. Mostly I remember people on the street looking away when I was in uniform. They would not meet my eyes.

Then came the wannabees: the Blumenthals and other liars, who wanted the hero label and the consequent general sympathy. And finally some vets got together and began policing these scumbags under the rubric of Stolen Valor.

Comes the latest in their ranks: Nathan Phillips, the aging old American Indian who insolently played the drum in the Catholic kids’ face and got raised to hero status by the Leftist media who wanted the kid strung up because he wore a Trump hat. Lynched, in other words.

Thanks to another Blumenthall Ranger.

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UPDATE:  Time for Phillips to lawyer up.

Another Vietnam wannabe unmasked

This one is a politician. The attorney general of Connecticut, no less. And a Democrat, of course. No surprise, either way. They always seem to be politicians (when they’re not academics, so many of whom dodged the draft in the 60s and 70s). What gripes me about them is they lie about us and their lies perpetuate myths, or as I had a character in a short story put it, “the lies that everyone knows are true.” Because of these weenies.

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UPDATE:  Looks like this clown will walk away from it. A prosecutor who has prosecuted many a liar for lying. Irony.  Course it helps that the liberal media is covering for him. No surprise. He is a Democrat, after all. One of their own.

New Hampshire Dem Chief: Phony Soldier?

Turns out the chairman of the Democrat Party in New Hampshire may be another phony Vietnam War wannabee. Hey, there are more than thirteen million of them, according to the 2000 census. But why are so many of them Dumbocrats? Oh, right, now I remember. They protested or shirked at the time. But this guy, Ray Buckley, doesn’t have that excuse. He was only twelve years old in 1972. Guess he’s just another guy who would rather lie than try.

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