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When Leftist radicals rule

“While you were sleeping the past generation, anti-Israel radicals took over much of academia. They now run groups like the Association for Asian American Studies, which was the first academic group in the U.S. to approve a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

“Now the American Studies Association National Council, the leadership of the organization, has endorsed the boycott and is putting the vote to the membership before putting the boycott into effect.”

Two of those “leaders” apparently are right here in Austin at the University of Texas : Ann Cvetkovich who teaches (what else) gender studies and, not incidentally, coedits GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies.

The other one is Jeremy Dean, a doctoral candidate in English who seems to specialize in race and ethnicity, part of the new radicalization of what used to be called, quaintly, literature.

Will either of them be endorsing future boycotts of Arab and Persian universities that discriminate against women, homosexuals, Jews and Christians? Silly question.

In the meantime you can support the Israeli economy and, thereby, Israel’s many universities (for such a small, beleaguered country) by buying these yummy Xmas gifts as presents. I did.

Or, to be more directly involved, plant some fruit trees in Israel. Or become a Guardian of Jerusalem. There are endless ways to fight back.

Via Legal Insurrection

UPDATE:  Some American universities, such as Columbia and Tufts, have declared themselves Israeli universities and invited the boycotters to boycott them, too. The University of Texas is not yet among them, however.