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Blog father in trouble

The Instapundit has lost his USA Today column for one month and his employer, the University of Tennessee school of law, is “investigating” his apparent advocacy of violence in a Tweet concerning the Charlotte riots.

“Run them down,” he wrote in response to news that the rioters were blocking highways, trapping people in their cars, without regard for what that might do. Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, called the blog father for having inspired so many to take up blogging, and his myriad supporters contend his intent was defensive, not aggressive. Maybe so.

But it wasn’t the first time he’s been seen to advocate violence. A little over three weeks ago, he wrote that Venezuelans protesting the dictatorship’s roundup of anti-regime citizens should “have a contingency plan for such arrests, and it should involve killing mid-level security officials and their families.

His thousands, if not millions, of supporters protected him then, too, saying, as one did, “I do understand Glenn’s rage…” As many of them are protecting him now. And it’s highly probable that neither USAToday or UTenn knew about the Venezuela post.

It’s more likely they are strictly reacting to any threat of any kind against BLM, the Democrat- and PC-protected, Ford Foundation-funded agitators who led the protests that turned riotous in Charlotte. And in Ferguson. Riots seem to follow them around.

These are tough times with a lot of frayed tempers. And I have read and appreciated Instapundit for many years. But we should expect professors, probably especially law professors, to act like adults, and not stoop to the level of adolescents who can’t control their anger.