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The case for The Donald

While we’re swiping stuff from author Kurt Schlichter ( a former Army infantryman, no less, which obviously appeals to me), let’s do up his case for nominating and electing President Donald Trump.

As I often say, a floor mop would be better than the Hildabeast. And you should add in that bum-who-wants-your-money Bernie. But the Thumper? Well, consider…

“Most of Trump’s supporters are good people, patriotic Americans burned by an elite that sees their misery as collateral damage in a coastal, urban-led struggle for feel-good progressive change and personal enrichment.  The positive, optimistic, even Reaganesque language Trump uses when describing the future speaks to them – and Trump is the first major American figure in a long time to speak to them of hope and with respect.

“Mostly the culture lectures them on their stupidity for not having attended Harvard, their selfishness for not wanting to support welfare cheats with their hard work, and their unforgivable, innate racism for having a great-great-great-great-great grandfather who came from the British Isles.  These are the Americans who built this country, who fought for it, and who died for it, and until Trump came along, all they ever were was dumped on.”

Hear, hear. Not to mention that Trump is a capitalist. Capitalists know how to make money and so are bound to know how to support an economy that helps people make money. Unlike what we’ve had for almost eight years under Little Barry Hussein. Also known as President Fail. The man who couldn’t find his economic ass with both hands.

Read. It. All.