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In Biden’s America

“In Biden’s America, Jews are attacked on the street by Biden’s allies,”

—Kurt Schlichter via Twatter

UPDATE: The beat goes on.


“Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to [her maid Marina] Santos. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.”

Not that the FBI or DOJ give a damn. Little people go to jail for accidental disclosures. The Ruling Class gets away with intentional ones. As Kurt Schlichter says, “You can never hear too much about #Maidgate. It’s Clintonism distilled to its corrupt, entitled essence.”

Via New York Post.

Couldn’t make E-4 in six years?

The telling thing about the Dallas murderer (to anyone who has ever served, but I realize that is a diminishing number of Americans in the age of never-served Obama) is that he couldn’t make E-4 in six years in the Army reserves.

E-4 ain’t surgery. It ain’t quantum physics. It’s normally a pro forma boost from PFC. No big deal. E-5 is a big deal. But not E-4. But Micah Johnson, Mr. “I -want-to-kill-white-people” was too fuckin’ dumb, or more likely too fuckin’ lazy, to do it.

And now we get to hear Miss Alabama (the first black woman voted Miss Alabama) call him a martyr. A martyr to stupidity, maybe. A martyr to poor shooting. Yes he killed five and wounded seven. It took him a reported sixty rounds to do it. And he hit a black woman. That is really piss-poor shooting.

As Kurt Schlichter, the retired Army infantry colonel-turned-conservative columnist (who reminded me that Johnson couldn’t make E-4), says: It’s time to step back folks. 1968 remix will not be fun. The angry blacks who keep marching and rioting (and spiking cops’ food in North Carolina) aren’t going to get what they want, least of all through the barrel of a gun. There simply aren’t enough of them. Nor do they have enough allies.

And probably most of the armed ones are as poor shots as Miss Alabama’s too-dumb-to-get-E-4 martyr. It’s too late for Wormtongue to walk it back from his rabble-rousing racism of almost eight years. It would be too out of character, what character he actually has, for the most anti-law enforcement presidential administration in memory.

And it’s probably impossible for Wormtongue to even imagine hanging the Hildabeast by her thumbs for her obvious crimes. But if the ruling class won’t do it, and we know the protesters can’t do it, as riotously as they may try, 1968 2.0 is going to be hell. Keep your head down out there.

Don’t like Trump? 1968’s black riots were disastrous for the Democrats. Nixon won.

Here’s a real Independence Day

To the Hildabeast, Slick Willie and our little Barry Hussein: Fuck off.

“The attorney general secretly canoodles with the husband of the subject of criminal investigation by her own department and the president, the enforcer of our laws, shrugs. The media, the challenger of the powerful, smirks. They rub our noses in their contempt for the law. And by doing so, demonstrate their contempt for us…

“We are not all equal before the law. Our constitutional rights are not being upheld. We are not being defended – hell, we normals get blamed every time some Seventh Century savage goes on a kill spree. Yet we’re still supposed to keep going along as if everything is cool, obeying the law, subsidizing the elite with our taxes, taking their abuse.”

To the Hildabeast, Slick Willie and our little Barry Hussein: We owe you nothing. Not respect. Not loyalty. Not obedience. Try running a country whose citizens pay you no mind. No mind at all.

Via Instapundit

UPDATE:  Far as I’m concerned, Famous But Incompetent’s decision today not to prosecute the Hildabeast was no surprise. The way things work in Washington these days, it was only to be expected. And in no way does it change any of the foregoing.

The case for The Donald

While we’re swiping stuff from author Kurt Schlichter ( a former Army infantryman, no less, which obviously appeals to me), let’s do up his case for nominating and electing President Donald Trump.

As I often say, a floor mop would be better than the Hildabeast. And you should add in that bum-who-wants-your-money Bernie. But the Thumper? Well, consider…

“Most of Trump’s supporters are good people, patriotic Americans burned by an elite that sees their misery as collateral damage in a coastal, urban-led struggle for feel-good progressive change and personal enrichment.  The positive, optimistic, even Reaganesque language Trump uses when describing the future speaks to them – and Trump is the first major American figure in a long time to speak to them of hope and with respect.

“Mostly the culture lectures them on their stupidity for not having attended Harvard, their selfishness for not wanting to support welfare cheats with their hard work, and their unforgivable, innate racism for having a great-great-great-great-great grandfather who came from the British Isles.  These are the Americans who built this country, who fought for it, and who died for it, and until Trump came along, all they ever were was dumped on.”

Hear, hear. Not to mention that Trump is a capitalist. Capitalists know how to make money and so are bound to know how to support an economy that helps people make money. Unlike what we’ve had for almost eight years under Little Barry Hussein. Also known as President Fail. The man who couldn’t find his economic ass with both hands.

Read. It. All.

President Fail’s token commie

The headline is author Kurt Schlichter’s bet on who our Little Barry Hussein will nominate to replace newly-deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He whose strict constructionism of the increasingly ignored U.S. Constitution has helped keep the Socialist Democrat Party from imposing more nonsense on us than they already have.

“The next president will appoint Justice Scalia’s replacement, and thereby determine whether the Supreme Court will remain a bulwark of liberty or a tool of liberal fascism – that is, assuming that sad sack Mitch McConnell stays sacked up and refuses to allow a vote on whatever token commie Obama decides to nominate.”

The Democrats have always denounced any Republican president’s bid to nominate a justice during a presidential election year. Not that they believe such should apply to them. So it’s up to the Republican majority Senate (and its Obama toady McConnell) to deny what Schlichter calls “President Fail’s Che-loving creep.”

Even if he does, if the Hildabeast or Bernie win the White House, you can bet it’ll be a nominee of similar ilk. Perhaps even Barry Hussein himself. Gasp.

Via Instapundit.

The Democrat gun grab

“So how do liberals get their wish for a disarmed, subservient population? They don’t.”


Via Instapundit.