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DiFi’s Chi Spy: He wasn’t a driver

The Mediacrats, to the extent they have covered California Dim Sen. Diane Feinstein’s Chinese government spy at all, insist on calling him a driver. He was, instead, her “staff liasion to the Asian-American community.”

When he was outed by the FBI in 2014—after 20 years—although she was then head of the Senate Intelligence Committee,he was quietly allowed to retire with no retribution whatsoever. He still works in San Francisco.

Read. It. All.

Via The Daily Caller.

UPDATE: The story has gotten “minimal play” from the Mediacrats. Well, they are Democrats after all and subject to Democrat Privilege.

MORE:  Even if he was a mere driver “It’s plenty serious,” one former top Justice Department official told me. “Focusing on his driver function alone, in Mafia families, the boss’s driver was among the most trusted men in the crew, because among other things he heard everything that was discussed in the car.”

Thief-in-chief collects fraudulent donations

“The upcoming GAI report suggests the Obama campaign is allowing fraudulent donations [$2.2 million thus far] to be accepted because the president isn’t employing proper safeguards against fraudulent donations.

“GAI leaves open the possibility that the Obama campaign ‘may have experienced data-collection problems,’ but argued ‘given the Obama campaign’s technological sophistication, the fact that the campaign consistently reports higher amounts of erroneous data month-to-month casts doubt on that explanation.’”

Think the court-media moderator will ask him about this at tonight’s debate? When pigs fly, maybe. He’s more likely to be another Fat Candy who works to save Barry from himself.

UPDATE:  Sixty-eight percent of these donations are foreign. Wonder if any come from Chavez, Castro or Putin, Barry’s dictator endorsees?