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Biden: epitome of the inept white man

Lest we forget this brilliant, 2012 anti-Biden romp by Daniel Greenfield: “The Scarecrow of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

“Biden’s ego has made it impossible for him to understand the uses he has been put to. And that is part of the joke. Joe Biden wasn’t selected despite his penchant for saying stupid things in public. He was selected because of it. He is there to project incompetence in order to make Obama look better. He is there to make the idea of white male leadership look like a joke. That is his one and only job and he has succeeded at it.”

And we’re going to elect this Dim bulb over competent Orange Man? Ha ha.

Via Sultan Knish

Biden’s inept white man role

More than a month before the vice president made a fool of himself in his “debate,” Daniel Greenfield did a masterful takedown of Joey Hairplugs (The Scarecrow of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) and his feckless boss, who (Greenfield says) purposely chose Biden—the very model of the inept white man—as his No. 2 to make him and his women-and-minorities administration look good by contrast.

“No halfway responsible man would have deliberately chosen an idiot as his potential replacement. But an administration that has done the things to America that this one has done is not in any way responsible.

“If you step into Obama’s head for a moment, you realize that he does not care at all what happens if he should die. A man who can’t be bothered to take care of his own extended family is not likely to care one way or another what happens to a country of several hundred million, most of whom are not even related to him.”

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