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U.S.S. Monitor

ussmonitorLovely old (very old) photo of the Monitor taken sometime after its fight with the Merrimack/Virginia in Hampton Roads in 1862. Latest photo at my new book blog, Knoxville 1863, which is coming along slowly. Moving a bit faster is my other new blog 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, focused on the historical artifacts and new interpretations of my great grandfather’s old outfit. Lots of work, three blogs, but lots of fun, too.

Cheesebox on a raft

"Now the turret and its two 11-inch Dahlgren cannon, the Monitor’s steam engine and condenser are being preserved in the state-of-the art Batten Conservation Laboratory, placed in special baths that leach the salt and stabilize the objects for future display–by 2025. Museum-goers can peer into the tanks from catwalks just beyond the lab’s windows."

Next time you’re in Norfolk, VA, go see the Monitor Center museum, or visit the site now.