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Fiddle frustrations

One of the guest experts on my violinlab video lessons the other day summed up what I’m discovering about this complex musical instrument after just about eight weeks—something to the effect that, even if you began at about age five, life wouldn’t be long enough to learn everything there is to know about the fiddle.

Which reminded me of another, lighter remark made by one of the other violinlab subscribers—almost all of whom are well over forty and live, literally, all around the world. He (or she) might have been from Argentina, or was it Oz? It was in response to a new forum member’s complaint about something or other of the thousand-and-one things to keep in mind while simultaneously trying to pick out the correct notes and bow with beautiful intonation: “Oh, it gets easier with time. Lots of time.”

Violin practice

I find I actually feel guilty if I miss a day. Have only once in the past month.

Finally up to 30 minutes before my wrists start cramping, and scales, even though short and simple four-note ones on all four strings, one at a time or crossing over to two or more.  Prompting another revelation: not only are my fingers too short, they are too fat to stay on one string at a time.

And paying attention to my fingers makes my bow stroke go all to hell, also hitting two strings at once. Sigh.

Ah, but insipiration definitely helps. Even if she has been playing since she was eight.

Violin lessons: It’s all in the muscles

I played my first violin notes for Mrs. Charm the other day. The old viola player rewarded me with a broad smile and a reminiscence or two. The one-note-at-a-time playing was accompaniment to the Web instructor playing (on video) and a piano behind her adding a flourish or two.

Have discovered in these violin lessons that it’s as much a matter of muscles in shoulder, neck and arms getting used to the preferred playing posture as anything else. Mine ache. Also the fingers of my fingerboard hand (left) are almost too short for good play, and the work-arounds are contorting.

I got a squeeze ball to try and build up strength in those fingers, the stubbiness being (obviously) unsolvable. My intonation (bowing) is the bright spot, so far. Very nice sound, especially now that I know how to tune. Strange instrument to learn, the violin. I see why it is recommended for kids to start so young. Their muscles are untried and can be molded easier.