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Virgin Galactic’s test flight

The rocket failed to ignite. I do like the fact that the makers are going to be the first passengers.

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The start of something big


The Pan Am Clippers of the 1930s were for the rich, too, and we all fly now.

Short hop to LEO

Doesn’t sound as romantic as "out of this world," now, does it? But, hey, for a few hundred thou Virgin Galactic (another exaggerated idea) will give you a slow climb through the clouds and into the black followed by a whole 4.5 minutes of microgravity. Hardly enough time to think, "Wow, I’m really in space, by golly, gee whiz." Well, actually, you’ll be in LEO, otherwise known as Low Earth Orbit. More accurately, sub-orbital. Rather dull, actually, except for the view of Earth’s curvature and the multiple sunrises and sunsets. Only you won’t have time to see more than one or the other. The stars you’ll have to leave for another time. A rather long time, most likely. Not to mention the galactic part.