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Barry was a jerk in 2008, too.

Barry’s rude, arrogant, and snarky behavior in Monday night’s debate may have seemed new to those without a long memory. But he was a jerk in ’08, too.

You just weren’t likely to have noticed  (much less heard/read about it) back then unless you were paying close attention, as political writer Jim Treacher was:

Mocking McCain’s war injuries and alienating everybody older than Obama would certainly qualify. Either it’s on purpose, which goes way, way beyond jerkiness, or they didn’t do a simple Google search to learn why McCain has trouble using a computer keyboard, which means they’re panicky idiots.”

I’d go for on purpose. I saw Barry on YouTube slyly flip off Hillary, scratching his cheek with the tip of his middle finger, like some punk kid on the playground. Barry is a narcissist and few of them are nice people.

Via Ed Driscoll and Elizabeth Price Foley at Instapundit.

Vote for the Mormon not the charlatan

Mrs. Charm’s paternal ancestors left Wales (Babylon) in the 1850s, among a multitude of Mormon converts bound for the U.S. on ocean-crossing, side-paddle steamers. Her direct several greats grandfather made it as far as Kansas where his wife proved too ill to continue their wagon trek to the Great Salt Lake (Zion). Eventually their descendants left the church altogether.

But his brother pushed on and became a Mormon high muckety muck. None of which is directly dispositive of why I dislike President Golfpants so much (see here, here, and here for that), but it may help explain why I have nothing against Mormons in general or Mitt Romney in particular.

Before last night’s “debate,” I wished he had more balls (as some wiseguy said, if Sarah Palin loaned him one of hers then they’d both have two) and would show exactly how the Democrats are stealing us blind with their phony “stimulus” spending that mostly goes to their cronies, and why their welfare state will bankrupt us as it has Greece and Spain. But he did just fine.

Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, he ought to win handily. Barry may still eke it out, but it’s hard to believe people could want four more years of a tanked economy,  more unemployment and higher taxes—not to mention higher electric and gasoline bills. Just so they can be proud that they voted for a half-black man. Even if he is a charlatan. Bah.

High time to let an experienced businessman try his hand at a fix. Only Obama, Reid and Pelosi make it look like rocket science.  Romney knows it isn’t.

Social promotion

That’s how Obozo got where he is, the quota-hire who didn’t work out. After tonight’s “debate,” that’s more obvious than ever. Now the only thing to worry about is whether the pity vote will be large enough for him to win re-election.

Pat Condell: Why you must not vote for President Golfpants

Barry, Pat insists eloquently, is “not actually fit to be the president of the United States” because he’s a suck-up to Islam and a Dhimmi who has turned his back on Christians persecuted and killed in Egypt and other Muslim countries.

Obama blocks oil drilling at home but promotes it in Columbia, Mexico and Brazil

Think Obama wants to please the Greens and protect the environment by blocking the Keystone pipeline and American oil development? Think again.

“On May 9, 2011, the Obama White House announced that it was providing $2.84 billion in American taxpayer money to finance oil drilling and oil refining in the South American nation of Columbia…

“One might expect that oil to come to the United States [but] the oil would be used for Columbia and the Columbians could sell the surplus on the export market.”—–from Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D’Souza.

Likewise, Obama has put taxpayer billions into Gulf of Mexico oil development by Mexico [while blocking new drilling there by American companies] and offshore Atlantic oil development by Brazil. It’s only our oil development that he resists.

D’Souza’s book shows that it’s not the environment Obama wants to protect, or global warming he wants to prevent, but the U.S. economy he intends to downsize considerably in the name of anti-colonialism. We are to be punished for the “sins” of our fathers.

Ready for unemployment to climb higher? Especially—ironically—for young blacks and Hispanics? For gas prices to rise above $4? For possible national bankruptcy?

Not to mention climbing electricity prices due to Barry’s “war on coal” which soon will be affecting West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina with the closure of more than 200 coal-fired electricity generators. A Republican wouldn’t be doing this, but if he were, the media would have lynched him by now. (Yes, lynched. We don’t play the race word game around here.)

For all this and who knows what other disaster, all you gotta do is re-elect Barry, the food-stamp president, who wants all Americans on welfare and will see to it in his second term. Forward!

2016: Obama’s “downsizing” of America