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Why space will be Chinese

The first lunar base, the first Martian colony, first mining of the asteroids… And not just because many scifi writers already are predicting it. But because the American political class will keep American companies grounded.

“Here’s the deal: SpaceX, as you may know, is making good on its promise to make access to space cheaper and more reliable. Their Falcon 9 rocket is putting payloads into orbit for less money than the big government contractors charge.

“As one might expect, [politicians] who have such contractors in their own districts and states are unhappy with this. And apparently some are willing to smear SpaceX as retribution.”

The Greens? Not yet. These are Republicans—the supposed champions of market capitalism. So, about that supposedly coming SpaceX spaceport near Brownsville in South Texas? It may never launch anything but red tape.

Via Instapundit.