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First B-ball injury

Mr. B. came away from today’s game with a sprained wrist after being knocked down on the court as he tried to dribble away from two very aggressive opponents. He’s okay, but he did a little howling first. After last week’s great scoring performance, he had nothing to show and his team lost 25-5.

He had one really nice shot before the injury, shooting from the vicinity of the foul line. The official blew his whistle while the ball was in the air, so the fact that it swished through the net didn’t count at all. Frustrating. Next weekend is the WAYA playoffs and then organized basketball is over for him until basketball camp in late July.

B-ball classic

It wasn’t the NBA, but WAYA youth basketball. Mr. B. came off the floor about noon with a big sigh and a head shake. He’d just scored eighteen points in the last two quarters, helping his all-boys-but-two team 36-30 over an all-girls-but-one team that was supposed to be a pushover.

They were the last time. Not this day. Anyhow, they won, even if they got a fright in the bargain, falling behind several times before winning it. If they give one (and I’m not sure they do) the opponents deserved the trophy for most-improved. Mr. B. was happy. His point total was a single-game record for him. But it was acquired under a lot of pressure.

A’camping we will go

Mr. B. and I leave tomorrow, after his youth basketball game at noon, for his Cub Scout Pack’s overnight camping at Inks Lake State Park. Weather looks good, so far, seventies daytime and fifties at night, just cool enough to make sleeping easy. I should have plenty of time to photograph this spring’s glorious crop of wildflowers. One more year of cubs and he will be a Boy Scout, when parents are discouraged from attending such trips. The older scouts manage themselves and the younger ones.

UPDATE:  Back Sunday afternoon: I’m sore as can be, mainly from getting in and out of the little 7X7 dome tent. But sleeping was good, thanks to the air mattress and the temperature. Just cool enough. Mr. B. contrived to get his shoes wet in the first few hours, but Mrs. C. fortunately had sent along a pair of crocks. So he got by.

Did not photograph a single bluebonnet, but the wide fields of them were incredible on 71 from Oak Hill to 281 north and again through Marble Falls to Burnet, also on 29 west from Burnet to Park Road 4 and the park road crop was glorious, a few feet high marching right up to the edge of the road. Coming back on 29 east to Austin I meant to stop for pictures, but it started raining, which discouraged me.

Rockets over the Spurs

Mr. Boy exulted Sunday when a teammate’s absence meant that he got to play all four quarters of his youth basketball game at the J. Usually he only gets to play two quarters as their three-on-three games split the difference between two units on each team. His Rockets won, they said, but we’re not sure what the score was. Only the kids kept track. The coaches want it all to be fun, without pressure. Of course the kids create their own pressure. This, his third game, was Mr. B.’s best. Good sportsmanship and no tantrums when the ref corrected him. He only got called for traveling twice and double-dribbling once. He made seven two-point shots, grabbed a half dozen rebounds, and refrained from yelling at his teammates when they made a mistake. He was pleased with himself afterwards, but so thirsty he drank a whole bottle of Gatorade.

The Rockets

Mr. Boy is on the Rockets, one of the fall season’s youth basketball teams at the Jewish Community Center of Austin. They had their last practice this afternoon, after we came back from the camp out, looking pretty good in their new red jerseys. The competition begins next Sunday. Let the games begin!