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Camping in Texas


This is the made-in-China, two-person tent Mr. B. and I used on his Cub Scout camping trip last month. Quite a change from my Boy Scout days in the 50s when we only had WWII-surplus pup tents assembled from shelter halves. They almost always leaked. Lots cheaper now, too. The surroundings are the campsite at Inks Lake State Park, one of the Highland Lakes in the hills west of Austin.

A’camping we will go

Mr. B. and I leave tomorrow, after his youth basketball game at noon, for his Cub Scout Pack’s overnight camping at Inks Lake State Park. Weather looks good, so far, seventies daytime and fifties at night, just cool enough to make sleeping easy. I should have plenty of time to photograph this spring’s glorious crop of wildflowers. One more year of cubs and he will be a Boy Scout, when parents are discouraged from attending such trips. The older scouts manage themselves and the younger ones.

UPDATE:  Back Sunday afternoon: I’m sore as can be, mainly from getting in and out of the little 7X7 dome tent. But sleeping was good, thanks to the air mattress and the temperature. Just cool enough. Mr. B. contrived to get his shoes wet in the first few hours, but Mrs. C. fortunately had sent along a pair of crocks. So he got by.

Did not photograph a single bluebonnet, but the wide fields of them were incredible on 71 from Oak Hill to 281 north and again through Marble Falls to Burnet, also on 29 west from Burnet to Park Road 4 and the park road crop was glorious, a few feet high marching right up to the edge of the road. Coming back on 29 east to Austin I meant to stop for pictures, but it started raining, which discouraged me.


We’re off to Inks Lake State Park today for an overnight campout with the Cub Scouts–mainly an excuse for Mr. B. and his pals to run wild whilst Mom and I sit and read. Warm day/cool night forecast. We’ll watch them swim in the probably frigid, 800-acre lake, one of the smallest in the Highland Lakes chain west of Austin. Well, I will, that’s for sure.

UPDATE:  Mr. B. got to swim, and learned to fish, and rode in a canoe for the first time. He slept like the baby he no longer is and came home exhilarated. Dad and Mom came home exhausted. Even an air mattress is no substitute for a real bed.