We are all Spaniards now…

Steyn’s take is ominous, as PajamasMedia says, if you take him seriously, and I usually do, on what some Dems are already calling for: withdrawal from Iraq.

“[W]e are all Spaniards now…’these Colors Don’t Run’ is a fine T-shirt slogan, but in reality these colors have spent 40 years running from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the helicopters in the Persian desert, the streets of Mogadishu. … To add the sands of Mesopotamia to the list will be an act of weakness from which America will never recover.”

Well, I’m inclined to think we can recover from anything, even nuclear explosions, though I’d prefer to skip the hardship which will make a recovery necessary. Bring them home. Kiss Iraq goodbye. How long before we have to fight again, somewhere else? They will not leave us alone, you fools.

Alan Sullivan, the Seablogger at Fresh Bilge has a different take on Steyn that I like, this part, anyway.

"Why should the US ‘stay’ in the sands of any nation? Our power is mobility. The US is a force for change, not an imperial ruler."

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