Six-year-old disconnect

Picking up Mr. Boy at school this afternoon, I noticed something I hadn’t considered before. I’d seen the way his shoes come untied and the laces drag on the ground as he walks. But I hadn’t considered how odd it was. Here is a kid who can play chess (at least he knows the way the pieces move, although strategy is still well beyond him) and beat me at checkers, if I don’t pay close attention. But he still can’t tie his shoes.

4 responses to “Six-year-old disconnect

  1. Are you sure? It could be the current fashion in his circles, you know.
    Mine “schlepped” his shoelaces for about two years. Granted, it was between ages of about 15 to 17…

  2. It’s a thought. He is resisting learning to tie them. His mother keeps saying ‘He will when he’s ready.’ But I wonder.

  3. Dick,
    One of my all time favorite cartoons (Family Circus-I think), is this pissed off kid saying: “I spent six years of my life learning to tie my shoes and then they invent Velcro!!!

  4. Yes, indeed. Mr. B. had some velcro shoes when he was younger, until we decided it would be silly for him to go through life without learning how to tie a bow. So far he hasn’t, but his mother is confident that he will.