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Chess Master

Mr. Boy likes to play chess. When I taught him, a few years ago, he’d lose his temper when he lost. So we didn’t play a lot. Now, he’s in competition with another boy in his third grade class on various things, mainly reading-comprehension scores. But the other boy also plays chess.

So, since Mr. B. can now lose with relative equanimity, we play chess a couple of times a week. Usually I try to help him stay out of trouble and take my time beating him. I recently got him a chess program for his Nintendo DS called Chess Master. He’s had a lot of fun with it, playing against the computer at the easy level, and occasionally winning. It shows. In our most recent game, I was perking along, trying not to proceed too quickly to checkmate, when he made an unexpected move. He had taken my queen. Yipes. I managed to checkmate him without her, but it took longer. The smile on his face, however, was worth it.

Six-year-old disconnect

Picking up Mr. Boy at school this afternoon, I noticed something I hadn’t considered before. I’d seen the way his shoes come untied and the laces drag on the ground as he walks. But I hadn’t considered how odd it was. Here is a kid who can play chess (at least he knows the way the pieces move, although strategy is still well beyond him) and beat me at checkers, if I don’t pay close attention. But he still can’t tie his shoes.