Save the planet, 2

Professor Reynolds’ snarky suggestion to ban private jets and stretch limos to fight global warming certainly appeals to me. Since the celebs and politicos are gathering behind new demands for restrictions to tame the warmth–even if it may be a natural, and benign, process over which humans have no control–by restricting the rest of us, why not have them belly up to the bar, as well? But the Libertarian professor, Instapundit, accused of being merely snarky, makes a good argument of his own as to what needs to be done:

"Energy conservation needs to be something positive. Nothing sells on a "suffer for the future" model very well. Too many environmental activists are hair-shirt types (at least when the hair-shirt is for other people) and that stuff is poor salesmanship…This lesson applies to lots of other things, too. Neo-puritanism, on the other hand, has a certain personal and political appeal to some people, but it doesn’t sell beyond its niche. The less scold, the more sold."

Worth a read.

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