The savage South

You’d think, the Civil War being over for, what?, one hundred and forty-three years, that the old North-South division would be healed by now, or at least papered over. Especially since immigration has seen to it that only a small fraction of the population (including me) can still claim ancestry to either side.

Uh-uh. Southern Appeal points out in commenting on this Newsweek column lamenting the "savage, unsophisticated" South’s influence in national politics, that the split resurfaces in the MSM with every presidential election. It’s a handy excuse, if you’re a Northern liberal, as much of the influential MSM is. No Northern liberal has won  the presidency since JFK in 1960–and it’s becoming obvious, even to the most obtuse, that neither Barry or Hilarity is going to break the mold.

0 responses to “The savage South

  1. I hear ya, man. Let’s secede. Again. I think we can kick their asses this time.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Or let them secede, like the guy who wrote the article talks about. Then let them go quietly. No invasion, no blockades like they did last time. Let them have New York and Chicago. We’ve got Houston and Atlanta. We could call D.C. “the neutral zone,” and reopen our capital at Richmond.