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The Path to 9/11

This post is as star-crossed as the docudrama it’s about. Twice now, Movable Type has trashed it before I could get it on the site. Grrrr. Once more with feeling: I missed the 2006 ABC airing of this Disney film. I figured it was probably just more Hollyweird drek like Moore’s crockumentary on GWB.

Apparently not. This one dared to come down on the Clintons. Whoa. And they, who have famously always depended on Hollyweird for campaign cash, couldn’t keep it off the air. But they have succeeded in stopping its sale as a DVD, according to various sources including conservative talker John Ziegler. The trailer to his documentary Blocking The Path to 9/11 was compelling enough that I bought one.

Then I went to Amazon looking for a copy of the old series, just in case it was now available. Nope. But one of the reviewers there had an url to an import version. So I went there and got a copy. Amazing, you can buy the Disney production overseas or on the Web. You just can’t buy it in this country or on Amazon. Well, anything Slick Willie and Hilarity (She was under fire in Bosnia!) don’t want me to see is a tantalizing draw. More on all this when I’ve received and watched both productions.

The savage South

You’d think, the Civil War being over for, what?, one hundred and forty-three years, that the old North-South division would be healed by now, or at least papered over. Especially since immigration has seen to it that only a small fraction of the population (including me) can still claim ancestry to either side.

Uh-uh. Southern Appeal points out in commenting on this Newsweek column lamenting the "savage, unsophisticated" South’s influence in national politics, that the split resurfaces in the MSM with every presidential election. It’s a handy excuse, if you’re a Northern liberal, as much of the influential MSM is. No Northern liberal has won  the presidency since JFK in 1960–and it’s becoming obvious, even to the most obtuse, that neither Barry or Hilarity is going to break the mold.

McCain in a walk

When you look at the contrast between him and his opposition…

"Some say John McCain’s character was formed in a North Vietnamese prison. I say those people should take a gander at what John chose to do–voluntarily. Being a carrier pilot requires aptitude, intelligence, skill, knowledge, discernment, and courage of a kind rarely found anywhere but in a poem of Homer’s or a half gallon of Dewar’s. I look from John McCain to what the opposition has to offer. There’s Ms. Smarty-Pantsuit, the Bosnia-Under-Sniper-Fire poster gal, former prominent Washington hostess, and now the JV senator from the state that brought you Eliot Spitzer and Bear Stearns. And there’s the happy-talk boy wonder, the plaster Balthazar in the Cook County political crèche, whose policy pronouncements sound like a walk through Greenwich Village in 1968: ‘Change, man? Got any spare change? Change?’"

…you just gotta laugh! Hoot! Snicker.

Hilarity vs McCain

Well, she won Pennsylvania. Democrat Pennsylvania, that is. Not the entire state’s electorate by any means. The MSM, whose practitioners are almost enitrely Democrats, seems to like people to forget that part. I think she would be somewhat harder for McCain to beat than Barry–if she was noiminated–but not that much harder. As usual in the past three presidential races, the Democrats have produced the most colorful nominees. But also the least electable.

MORE: Priceless expose of Barry’s unrepentent, wouldbe terroristic, Leftist pals. The Rev. God damn America is no fluke. Part II of the expose.


The Pig Book rates the presidential candidates. Guess who’s the top porker? Snuffle, snuffle. Oink.

Hilarity vs McCain

Well, she did win the popular vote in Ohio comfortably, and creditably in Texas, though I suppose Barry’s still ahead in the delegate count. Makes no nevermind to me who wins, though. I still don’t think either one can beat McCain’s experience, reputation, and charisma of competence. And I’m happy to say my vote contributed to his Texas win, instead of Hilarity’s as trickster Limbaugh wanted it.

The Texas Primary

Dropping Mr. B. off at school this morning gave me a full dose of identity politics. The school is a precinct in the primary so I had to thread my way through the last-minute campaigners waving their signs: the white women waving signs for Hilarity, and the black women waving signs for Barry–whose middle name, by the way, is Hussein.

UPDATE: Campaign sign in ground outside a polling place: "Come Back, Vote Again. Obama." Must be how they do it in Chicago.