The new G.I. Bill

Excellant way to show support for the troops. Back a new G.I. Bill to send them all to college.

UPDATE:  It’s set for a May 8 vote in Congress. But there’s already concern the Dems will try to kill it.

0 responses to “The new G.I. Bill

  1. They won’t do it, man. They are even more afraid of these guys than they were of us after Nam.
    They were more afraid of us than the Korean vets, and more afraid of the Korean vets than WWII vets.
    I kind of understand it. The fewer that actually have to do the dirty work, the more people around who don’t understand and never can. People fear that which is not understood.
    Look at all the movies and books and TV shows where the veteran is portrayed as one or another sort of monster.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I agree with you. But I think they’ll do it, meaning the pols, because this war is not going to end in Afghanistan or Iraq, whoever is president. And if it will be a struggle to pass it, we might as well get started now.