Tribute to Sarah

A pink camo hunting and target bow from Lakota Industries Inc: The Sarah Cuda. Mr. B. would say, eeeyoo, pink! But this one works.

Via Functional Ambivalent.

0 responses to “Tribute to Sarah

  1. Seems to be a trend,of sorts.I went to pick up a Ruger 10-22 today,composite stock,blued barrel & 30 round clip,I had ordered a while back,and the owner of the gun shop showed me 2 with pink stocks & stainless barrels,he had ordered for customers? Also saw quiet a few cammo & pink caps,etc.Being a traditionalist,& according to the females in my family a “Chauvinist”,I will say,it will take a little gettin used to.But my wife & daughter have their own handguns,and are both good shots,so if this marketing strategy helps,so be it.

  2. That is strange. If I was a woman, I don’t believe I’d buy a pink gun. But I’m not, so what do I know?