Is Barry secretly a Muslim?

Beats me. I know he was raised as one, but few are the children who get to decide what, if any, religious services they attend. But if he isn’t secretly a Muslim, why is it his first instinct to bow low to a Saudi king? Bush held the king’s hand. Some of Big Media howled at that.

Now, of course, the lapdog press, good Democrats all, are saying nothing. Yet Barry apparently did not bow to Queen Elizabeth. He seems to have reserved his bow for a Muslim king–even if he seems to have tried to stop himself at the last second. American presidents are not supposed to bow to kings and queens. But too few Americans know history these days. So it’s probable that not many will care, even if they ever find out what he did. Or why.

UPDATE:  Bush bowed to Abdullah, too! Mea culpa, mea culpa. So the Saudi suckup goes on and on.

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  1. Just a clarifying comment that’s aimed as much at the aptly named “Hot Air” post as anything. The “jihadism” that al qaeda adheres to was initially born of a fanatical resistance to the likes of the Saud royalty, the Egyptian leadership, etc. Obama’s apparent deference to the king might be a combination of cultural respect (when O visits Japan, Michelle very likely won’t be bear hugging the emperor) and a “f**k you” to the likes of AQ. My own speculation. I very much doubt it’s a result of some ingrained Islamic urge on the part of Obama’s upbringing.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Could be you’re right. And Bush, I see now:
    also bowed, at least when accepting a medal. Though he was far hotter to defeat AQ than Barry has even indicated that he is. All I see from Barry so far on the war is big talk and no action. But time will tell.