Scientists are getting so desperate for the return of sunspots that they are now counting sunspecks. The one on the left is fading away, the one in the middle is a "dead pixel," an artifact of the SOHO spacecraft, and the two on the right are the latest candidates for sunspots. I’m wondering if the lack of activity will mean a cooler-than-usual summer. Well, I can dream, anyhow, as our daytime temps at the rancho climb steadily into the 90s.

 Via Watts Up With That.

0 responses to “Sunspecks

  1. Perfect time to come visit north.
    The weather ad-on on my screen shows
    now: partly sunny, 68F
    Wed: 75F, light rain
    Thur: 67F, rain

  2. Dick Stanley

    Your weather certainly is tempting. 😉

  3. So, what’s holding you’ll?

  4. Dick Stanley

    Make that y’all. We were up there in March. Like most people we prefer home.

  5. Oops.
    Why didn’t you let me know in March? After the 8th I was home, too.