Rain and cool

Got home from the condo at Port A couple of hours ago. Met with heavy rain approaching the city from the south on 183, and a few showers within since then. Forecast to continue until nine p.m. or so. Cooled things off quite a bit. It’s eighty degrees at the moment. Forecast is back to a hundred and one tomorrow, tho.

0 responses to “Rain and cool

  1. If you call 80 degrees cool. Was only 78 degrees at 1800 HRS today in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom. However, we would be more than happy yo send you some of the rain we have been having about every other day. Joe

  2. Dick Stanley

    After more than a month of triple digit daily temps and no rain, yeah, eighty is cool. Even in the best of times, we rarely get more than thirty inches of rain a year. But it’s been a few years now since that happened.

  3. Dick Stanley

    Off Topic, how did you get to be S-1 of 60th Battalion? You were a TAC beforehand?

  4. Was a TAC for about a month. Then the S-1 was reassigned and they put me in his spot.