Carders is Cobb’s timely abbreviation for people who "play the race card." Sort of like Truthers and Birthers. I like it. So does VanderLeun at American Digest. About time these folks were equated with the nut fringe.

On the other hand, Cobb says the Carders are not really nuts, like the Truthers and, arguably, the Birthers. The Carders just need to be corrected to understand not that there is no racism but that "it is not their grandfather’s racism." Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Conner, for instance, has been in his grave since 1973.

I’m not so sure. There certainly is racism and some of it, as Cobb says, is criminal. And plenty more is deceitful. But I think some Carders really are nuts. Others, like Sharpton and Jackson, and Carter, do it to make money, by keeping themselves in the limelight. Correcting them would hardly be effective.

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  1. For Carter it’s not only money and limelight, I suspect. He envies any POTUS and is, consciously or not, doing all to damage Obama’s chances, slim as they seem to be at the moment.

  2. Slim and getting slimmer. I agree that Carter is a slimy character. Er, Carder.