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Trump’s “fuck you” money

“I still think it’s stunning how survivable Trump is going to be amidst the flack and drubbing he gets. Trump is military academy man. Construction boss man. Scrap with the NY Press man. Reality TV man. Divorce man. Billionaire man.

“I still think he’s the walking personification of fuck you money, that thing that so many Americans wish they had.”

Via Cobb

Defeating the public schools…

…one uneaten packet of French Dressing at a time.

Just what nine and 10-year-old boys bored with the nanny-state b.s. (which the girls are pretending to soak up, of course) could use.

And, hey, the school provided the packets. Is that cool, or what?

Via Cobb.

Axe versus Old Spice

Michael over at Cobb sums up (at Amazon) his shift away from Old Spice deodorant to something called Elixir Blue:

“My son uses Axe. He’s 18. I used to use Old Spice, [until] they changed their formula to go after the kids who use Axe. I don’t want to smell like some kid in a club. This [Elixir Blue] is the body wash for the mature sophisticated gentleman.”

I could say the same, except that Mr. Boy is 13 and I still use the “classic” version of Old Spice, partly out of habit (a habit established at 14 or so) and partly because, well, I just like the way it smells. But I will check out Elixir Blue. For my  money, Axe literally stinks. It smells like bad girly cologne.

Combat iPhone

This is what happens to an iPhone when three cars run over it. They’re obviously not battle hardened. In case you thought they were. On the other hand, dig this: the owner got it working again!

“Well it turns out that other than making my earside speaker a little fuzzy, my iPhone was perfectly repairable. Thanks uBreakIFix. You guys rock.”

Via Cobb.

Fozzy’s dilemma

If college football were honest (and the Penn State 10-year child-rape coverup is just one more proof that it isn’t), then injured Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker’s future wouldn’t be so questionable. As Cobb says:

“College football is big business and the kids should get their share, but they don’t. When the NCAA jumps on the case of this or that star athlete getting money, they are ridiculously hypocritical. Any first year law student could figure out a more equitable business plan that pays student athletes in trust.”

Fozzy could have a fat trust account waiting for him by now, which would make his busted knee, acquired in indentured servitude to the NCAA, less of a dilemma.

Million-dollar Texas coach Mack Brown agreed that Fozzy hasn’t gotten a fair reward from the university, but that he will heal and eventually play on Sundays, implying that his servitude is okay because some day he’ll get the big pro bucks. But he (and all the others who aren’t as good) really ought to have the money already waiting for them. They’ve earned it.

An Offhanded Dismissal of Today’s Black Nationalists

Cobb, in full cry, offers an interesting history, and some good chuckles, about Black Nationalism and its academic and ghetto adherents: "…plenty of them work, and they work hard. It’s just that the work that they work doesn’t work."

Time to be Heard

I have watched Glenn Beck exactly twice, so it’s fair to say I don’t know much about him, other than what I’ve read by people who do and don’t like him. Some bloggers I like to read consider him evil incarnate. Mr. Fascism. I don’t understand that. He strikes me as more of a showman than a politician. So I was not surprised at his bringing together a few score African-American conservatives for his show tonight. That’s provocative stuff, when the legacy media and the Democrats who control the White House and the Congress would have you believe that the only authentic black person is a liberal black person. Or a race monger like Jackson and Sharpton.

That’s the showman part of Glenn Beck. Find a provocative hook and run with it, to mix metaphors. But it was an intriguing event. The only sad part was there was so little time for the various people to say anything. Some of them, like Maria, the conservative black blogger My Voice on The Wings of Change, whose post on the show tipped me to it in the first place, didn’t get to say anything and were upset about it afterward. She’s promised a post tomorrow night explaining why she came away from it unhappy.

Well, those kind of cattle calls, where a moderator is trying to herd a room full of disparate voices into a coherent whole, often wind up pleasing no one, including the audience. Which underlines my point that Beck is first of all a showman. He knew what he was doing in being provocative with this one, and he also knew from experience what the result would be, i.e. a lot of displeasure from the participants and the audience. But I have to give him credit for doing it at all. And for leading me into discovering that Cobb is not the main black conservative in the blogosphere. There are plenty more (check the links there) who are also fun to read, such as Adrienne at Motivation:Truth. Especially because they go against the grain.