CNN in the cellar

Last place in prime time. Is that a surprise? Beats me. I stopped watching them years ago. Glenn Reynolds thinks it’s because of the way they bash or ignore conservative protestors. But that reminds me of a Roger L. Simon piece back in 2006:

"Of course, Blitzer is only a typical representative of his class. Nothing special or exceptional in any way, except for his success and longevity. Now some people call this class the ‘liberal media.’ I reject that idea and terminology entirely. There is nothing liberal about them at all. They are a rich, privileged class much like the bourgeoisie in a Bunuel movie (or Moliere, of course). What is ‘liberal’ is only a talking point to preserve their perquisites. Perhaps these values were there at some point, but that was decades ago in another universe. Now the real issues are good tailoring and homes in the country. Nothing should disturb that."

The disturbance has arrived. The viewing audience, well, the surviving portion that has not fled to the Web, is finally catching on and tuning them out. Lefty anti-military they are, for sure, but their sense of elite privilege also comes through clearly. And the CNN version no longer sells. Boo-hoo.

0 responses to “CNN in the cellar

  1. The way they bashed the tea partiers was a symptom of who they are and why they’re losing audience.
    A CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, was the first to call tea partiers “tea baggers”. I assume you know what tea bagging means.
    Another CNN “journalist” was “interviewing” a tea partier when she started arguing with him, seriously, she was taking the side of the gov’t against the protestors.
    Speaking untruth for power is a bad way to gain audience share.
    They’re elitist jerks and Teh Peepul are sick of being lectured by their social, moral, intellectual and political betters who can’t conceal their disdain for the hoi polloi.