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Why the birthers will live on

Because, as Richard Fernandez says, they, and a growing part of the electorate who don’t care about the birth certificate, don’t trust Obama.

“At least part of this mistrust springs from the reticence of Obama himself. He has cloaked his school records and civil documents in confidentiality and it was normal to wonder at the contents of a locked box. It is impossible to understand the birth certificate drama without realizing that was never about the birth certificate document. It was about building or destroying trust in Obama.”

UPDATE:  For instance, Osama was supposedly “quickly buried at sea.” If this was Bush in office, nobody in the media would buy that. It’s truly touching that they’re buying it when Barry is prez. But why should anyone else? Something is fishy here, and it’s more than the O Man.

MORE: Meanwhile, Obamalot’s story of the alleged killing of OBL is unraveling. But his supporters say, hey, if you don’t trust him, you’re a racist! Yeah, that’ll convince ’em.

Who, as opposed to what, gets on the plane

The El Al security system is far less intrusive than the TSA one (there is no groin grope or X-Ray machine), and it works just fine.

Because, unlike the feds, El Al is not concerned with political correctness, only safety.

Michael Totten, who gets profiled every time he flies through Tel Aviv, explains how Israel does it:

By eschewing the “Security Theater” approach, which is to always fight the last “war,” i.e. remove your shoes, bring no shampoo, let them grope your underwear, etc.

Despite that Al Q never strikes the same way twice, the Feds always do.

(I’m hoping to experience the Israeli Way when I fly to Tel Aviv in the spring.)

Meanwhile, Thomas Sowell sees more of Obamalot’s disdain for America here:

“If anything good comes out of the airport ‘security’ outrages, it may be in opening the eyes of more people to the utter contempt that this administration has for the American people.”

Still more from Instapundit, who thinks the flying public’s anger over TSA’s groin grope is far from over.

Because, for one thing, Obamalot is considering exempting Muslim women.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, the federal bigs are breezing right on through. No scan or grope for them. And no surprise, either.

The Copenhagen schuck

I’ve done enough on AGW lately that I’m bored with it. But Roger L. Simon’s work at Pajamas Media on the silliness inherent in the Copenhagen climate summit is too good to ignore:

"The whole place is crawling with journalists like rodents in a pirate ship. One estimate I heard was thirty thousand. They line up for hours for to get into events only to find their accreditation is lost. This may be Scandinavia, but it is wildly disorganized."

Heh. In other words your basic hippie demo ("The whole world is watching!") only with snow and ice.

CNN in the cellar

Last place in prime time. Is that a surprise? Beats me. I stopped watching them years ago. Glenn Reynolds thinks it’s because of the way they bash or ignore conservative protestors. But that reminds me of a Roger L. Simon piece back in 2006:

"Of course, Blitzer is only a typical representative of his class. Nothing special or exceptional in any way, except for his success and longevity. Now some people call this class the ‘liberal media.’ I reject that idea and terminology entirely. There is nothing liberal about them at all. They are a rich, privileged class much like the bourgeoisie in a Bunuel movie (or Moliere, of course). What is ‘liberal’ is only a talking point to preserve their perquisites. Perhaps these values were there at some point, but that was decades ago in another universe. Now the real issues are good tailoring and homes in the country. Nothing should disturb that."

The disturbance has arrived. The viewing audience, well, the surviving portion that has not fled to the Web, is finally catching on and tuning them out. Lefty anti-military they are, for sure, but their sense of elite privilege also comes through clearly. And the CNN version no longer sells. Boo-hoo.

Cuba Si, Castros No

I tend to agree with Pajamas Media founder Roger L. Simon that Barry’s apparent imminent resumption of trade and ties with Cuba is probably a good thing, certainly for the Cuban people. They have suffered long enough under the heels of the Castro regime. So long as we don’t have to see the fatigue-wearing dictators strutting through the White House and bussing Lady Michelle.

Convention-free zone

Glad to see I’m not the only one avoiding the Dem dog-and-pony show. I may break down and watch the Repub one for a while. May. May not. These things have no drama, no surprise and very little point. And the media coverage (saturation, really) is predictable. It is fun reading the Pajamas Media reports, however, because, for the most part, they’re original.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Even people within a few blocks of the thing don’t care. Read to the bottom of this Lileks’ post to see what I mean.

Tehran burns

Lovely headline. All for a little gas rationing. Probably that was only the spark needed. Wait and see.