Battleship B&B


Alas, the extended freeze warnings for the weekend across much of Texas have eliminated the Cub Scout’s planned Saturday overnight on the Battleship Texas. It wasn’t the Cub Scouts who canceled, it was the folks who run the battleship. They’re worried about their water lines freezing and so will be cutting them off and they didn’t want the kids to have to bring their own water, apparently. Mr. B. and I are disappointed. Maybe next year.

0 responses to “Battleship B&B

  1. Oh boy: scouts overnight on a military vessel – a clear recipe for a disaster. I hope their ammo stocks are emptied 😉

    At least I know what I would have been looking for in a place like this when 10 yrs old…

  2. Dick Stanley

    Heh. I hadn’t thought about that. I was concerned they might wait until all the parents were asleep and go exploring with flashlights and get lost in that old ship.