The Motor City Maidens


This is as racy as we get around here, only because we’re trying to run a family blog, considering we have such diverse topics as Cub Scouts and Youth Basketball. But Instapundit says it never hurts the visitor total to throw a little sex into the mix. This lovely maiden (though I’d bet that “maiden” is a euphemism), also called a booth babe and unfortunately unidentified, is from this collection at the Autoblog.

Via (who else?) Instapundit.

0 responses to “The Motor City Maidens

  1. Ah-the wonders of the black dress. The dark hair and eyes don’t hurt, either.

  2. Indeed.

    Still can’t work your comment system, John, else I’d be leaving comments each time I visit. Google keeps asking me to verify letters and numbers that aren’t there. Sorry.

  3. After a second inspection, I discovered that there’s an actual car hidden in that photo. Who knew?

  4. I saw that, after studying the photo for a while. Can’t say I have any idea what kind it is, though.

  5. Pity new cars don’t come with such a nice fixture. Although, come to think of it, better not. Some people are not wired for this…

  6. Might be a way to sell more of Detroit’s iron. Nothing else seems to be working.