Chomsky theology

Finally got a chance to read Rev. Sizer’s blog and be overwhelmed by his bleeding-heart for Hamas/Palestinian propaganda. Complete with color photos of their touching ceremonials. Though, oddly, without an AK or RPG in sight. Also the odd-snap of Israeli checkpoints (declared to be Apartheid), without a word of their necessity to prevent suicide bombers from blowing up Israeli cafes and buses.

I ran Ashkelon through his search engine and, what do you know, came up with zero hits for the Israeli town into which Gaza’s paramilitary loves to launch rockets.  Strange how the bleeding-heart ignores the other side. But, then, his is Chomsky theology, i.e. a heaping scoop of Leftist politics stirred into the G-d-talk.

His blog and his silly book (which claims American Christian support of Israel will lead to a modern Armageddon),  show why he would try to sic the police on a critic. The incredible thing is that he succeeded. It was obvious during the GWB years that the UK was going to the dogs. Their police willingness to stifle criticism of their pathetic state clergy, i.e. Anglicans like Sizer, shows the decline is continuing.

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