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Dead Israelis on Twitter

At the Hamas account. Victims of this celebrated terrorist. Disgraceful, Twitter, simply disgraceful. While you ban conservatives for simply criticizing Muslims.

As the PR turns

Let the jihadis of ISIL put a beheading video on YouTube and all sorts of strange things follow. Such as Hamas claiming that in future:

“Mashaal vowed that Hamas would, in the future, take measures to warn Israeli civilians of impending attacks, just as Israel does in the Gaza Strip.”

Although he (the handsome, impeccably-groomed Hamas bigwig who operates from a plush hotel in Qatar rather than share the risks with his underlings in Gaza) said it would be easier to do so once Hamas gets more sophisticated (i.e. target-able) missiles. Underscoring their future intentions, by the way.

All of which is mere public relations baloney, of course, but it’s interesting that Hamas is taking pains to distance itself from the ISIL throat-cutters—despite having executed seven 25 alleged Gazan collaborators (without any sort of trial) in recent days. Their unceremonious deaths undercut (so to speak) Mashaal’s “good” intentions.

Via Times of Israel and Simply Jews.

UPDATE:  I like Haaretz’s headline: “We wouldn’t target civilians if we had better weapons.”  Yeah, sure. Like the mortar (a very precise weapon) that killed the 4-year-old boy.

Jimmy Carter: Useful Idiot

Useful to Hamas, of course, which Carter wants recognized not as a terror organization but as a representative political entity. Also useful to Obama/Kerry who likewise want Israel’s blockade of Gaza lifted to allow more than the import-export trucks of food and various other goods now allowed to pass into and out of the Strip. After dutiful inspection, of course.

Lift the blockade, i.e. give Hamas routine access to maritime shipping and its own international airport, and the terrorists will have access to what they really want: anti-aircraft missiles and improved rockets with high-explosive warheads and GPS guidance systems so they can aim an Iron Dome-overwhelming barrage next time and take out, say, a mall in Tel Aviv or an airliner taxiing at Ben-Gurion.

Despite their mutual love for dictators, neither Carter nor Obama/Kerry are actually stupid so we must assume they know what will happen if the blockade is lifted and just don’t care. We knew Carter was anti-Israel. We’re beginning to see proof that Obama/Kerry are as well, given, among other things, their recent gift of billions of dollars worth of arms to Qatar, the chief financier of Hamas.

Via Instapundit.

Burying the “women and children” meme

Can we finally rid ourselves of this hypocritical phrase that only still works in patriarchal Muslim societies that oppress women and dote on their diminishingly few children.

Hamas uses it as a propaganda tool, while sending out children in bomb vests to kill Israeli soldiers and employing women as snipers. And the leftist news media happily buys it.

Women, certainly Western women, are long past the fragile flower stage. They no longer need special protection and certainly don’t deserve to be first in any lifeboat. Children under 13, of course, need special care, although Hamas, and other jihadi groups start recruiting them as soon as they can walk and talk.

Israel: Defender of the West

“Obama, Kerry and the rest of the flaccid moral narcissists who govern our country or the creepy disingenuous bureaucrats who represent ‘the international community’ obviously don’t have the gumption to do it – or even the inclination…[to fight] a rapidly metastasizing global phenomenon, replete with beheadings and crucifixions, that is unlikely to end and may only be at its beginning unless someone puts a genuine stop to it.”

So far only the Israelis are working on it, starting with the bloodthirsty religious fanatics of Hamas, but probably soon also to be engaged with the even more vicious and fanatical ISIS, when the latter finishes converting or killing the few remaining Iraqi Christians.

UPDATE:  The defenders are taking casualties, as defenders tend to do. As the IDF, in the words of the Times of Israel, “pours infantry into Gaza.”

Paying terrorism’s bills

That’s us, the last-to-know, first-to-go American taxpayer, who is taken for a ride by every pol with an agenda. And Obamalot’s agenda is “the peace process” which isn’t a process and after decades of diddling hasn’t produced any peace.

So now it’s going to foot the bills for the terrorist group Hamas.

“…American taxpayers…will now be directly covering the salaries of thousands of card-carrying members of a terrorist organization. It’s not just Obama who will be crossing a red line by funding Hamas—he’s dragging the rest of us along with him into a political and moral swamp, in which America will combat terrorism with one hand, while paying for terror with the other.”

Which leaves only Congress to stop this appeasement madness. The fox guarding the hen house. Oh, yeah, that’ll work.

Cut off their electricity

When Hamas violates the cease fire, which is to say when it is finished reloading its rocket launchers and replenishing its rocket stockpile, Israel will have a choice: either start bombing again or launch a ground invasion to take over the strip until Hamas is destroyed—with attendant high IDF casualties.

A simpler way would be to renew the bombing, yes, to solve the immediate problem, but also to cut off Gaza’s electricity which Israel (rather incredibly) supplies their enemies. Leave the water (which, likewise incredibly, Israel also supplies) running, so the not-so-innocent populace doesn’t start dying off within a week or two.

Spengler reminds that another option is what is known in the military as counter-battery fire. The IDF used it recently against the Syrians who were lobbing missiles on the Golan. It would be simple enough to use it on Gaza, simply (and immediately) launching a missile or an artillery shell at the site of the latest rocket launch. Preferably with a pre-announced policy. Civilians would be killed, of course.

Which is why I’d prefer cutting the electricity. It will slow the Hamas terror machine by making command-and-control very difficult, and it will have the added benefit of driving the populace into the Sinai, once their supply of batteries runs out. Who can get along without electricity today? Hardly anyone. Of course the international “community” will howl. But, really, it’s past time for Israel to fight to win instead of always looking over its shoulder while fighting to lose.