When veterans turn petty

Well, I’m now being censored at my OCS alumni group email list by the Brooklyn member who took over management of the Yahoo site after the original, Illinois, organizer had a stroke and heart attack.

Whenever I try to reply to a certain California party with whom I have “had words” in the past, my reply is flagged, held and deleted. It will not see the light of day, the Brooklyn member informs me, and adds that he really does not care what I think. Confine it to the blog, our president-for-life  grandly informs me with a wave of his imperial paw. So, here it is.

0 responses to “When veterans turn petty

  1. Well, people who fall in love with censorship are usually people with frustrated career dreams. Passed over in the promotion lists or whatever. Now he can exercise his puny powers to his heart’s content.

  2. So far he’s denying to the others that he’s been censoring anyone. Gets to have his censorship and deny it, too. I should have known better. The group chatter had its useful moments, but after eight years they are mostly all past. All that’s left is the flag waving and the hall monitors. Bleh.