More snow?

Could be. After Sunday’s high in the low 80s (yep), the temp fell to 40 by midnight at the rancho. Supposed to be colder tonight and then up to an inch is in our forecast for Tuesday. And Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi says:

“By the way, this looks like the worst last week of Feb weather I can remember in Texas since I have been studying maps. It is interesting how late snowfalls are getting more common there, and earlier snowfalls too. If Dallas misses Tuesday IT’S CAUSE WACO AND COLLEGE STATION GET IT! In other words they miss to the south.”

Just not this far south, if you please. Although Mr. B. would be thrilled..

UPDATE: The forecast changed this morning to a ninety percent chance of snow Tuesday and the amount was upped to between two and four inches. Then, this afternoon, it was back to one-half to one inch.

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