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Hard freeze impending

“Stay safe in the central [U.S.]- the next few day[s] will be brutal.”

That’s Joe D’Aleo at Weatherbell, adding to the warnings of regional meteorologists forecasting fourteen hours of below freezing temps for us, starting sometime later this evening. Which we call a hard freeze because we don’t get many of them this far south.

Tonight’s low is forecast to be 23 degrees and Monday night’s just 19 degrees. Hopefully, the air will warm up in between those lows.

Goodbye to the elephant ears in the rancho’s front beds. But they’ll bounce back from the roots in the spring I expect. And as long as the power stays on, we’ll be fine. We could rely on the gas log in the fireplace, if necessary, but we’d rather not.

More rain this week?

So says WeatherBELL meteorologist Joe Bastardi (formerly of Accuweather):

Rain is coming for Round Rock  and surrounding environs in the southern plains  early [this] week and  it’s something that is at a premium in a La Nina winter.  The  area from the Trans Pecos  northeast through  northeast Texas and into Oklahoma and Arkansas  could have widespread  1-2 inch amounts…”

Of course this is similar to the forecasts last week, when we got a mere quarter inch altogether. We’ll have to hope Mr. Bastardi knows better.

Meanwhile his colleague, Dr. Dewpoint (Joe D’Aleo), sketches out the wholly natural and therefore repeating AMO and PMO causes of our ongoing drought:

“We have many Texans reading our blogs and the serious drought has affected their lives. Almost every year, other parts of the world have experienced serious drought.  It is of course most likely in areas that are semi-arid to begin with but sometimes extends into areas where rainfall is normally abundant.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, Nov. 23, we’ve had about an inch of rain with more expected Friday-Saturday. No drought-buster, but welcome.





Started up at the rancho about twenty minutes ago. Already lots of pictures people are taking around the area. This doesn’t happen often.

More snow?

Could be. After Sunday’s high in the low 80s (yep), the temp fell to 40 by midnight at the rancho. Supposed to be colder tonight and then up to an inch is in our forecast for Tuesday. And Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi says:

“By the way, this looks like the worst last week of Feb weather I can remember in Texas since I have been studying maps. It is interesting how late snowfalls are getting more common there, and earlier snowfalls too. If Dallas misses Tuesday IT’S CAUSE WACO AND COLLEGE STATION GET IT! In other words they miss to the south.”

Just not this far south, if you please. Although Mr. B. would be thrilled..

UPDATE: The forecast changed this morning to a ninety percent chance of snow Tuesday and the amount was upped to between two and four inches. Then, this afternoon, it was back to one-half to one inch.

Spring is just around the corner

But, as the weather warriors at Accuweather dot com say: It could be a long walk to the end of the block.

Indeed, the Central Texas winter has already been twice as long as I’m used to. I bet the snow birds in the Valley and at Port A. are shaking their heads, too. Anyhow, our man Joe Bastardi says it’s going to be frigid for a while yet and Dallas may even see some more snow next week and again in March. Six to nine degrees below normal. Come on Spring. You can do it.

Global warming you say? Balderdash.

Big rain

Finally departing west on the radar after coming in from the east about half an hour ago. Ponding all over the Back Forty, and out front. Really poured. Looks like at least an inch. Good show. We needed that.