Put a sock in it, Joey

biden_clownDo us all a favor, Joey. Leave Jerusalem to the adults. Go back to the circus where you belong. Or we’ll find a terrorist group that wants to take over east D.C. that you can set up talks with, while admonishing the D.C. government not to allow any development there without consideration of the terrorists. Can’t American pols do anything but pander? You could be helping your running mate try to bring down our high unemployment. You have problems at home, you know?

UPDATE:  Typical Obamalot. Hypocritical to a fault. But, really, it’s just the latest example of Israel Double Standard Time:

“Palestinian celebrations of mass-murderers are not a hindrance to the peace process, but building apartments in Jewish neighborhoods is. Why doesn’t one of the intrepid Sunday morning hosts ask an administration official why this is?”

Nope. Can’t. Would spoil the narrative. Can’t have that.

MORE:  Even the Israeli Left, no friend of Bibi (who, BTW, says development in East Jerusalem will continue), thinks Obamalot has gone too far.

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  1. Hmm… now I feel much better, the words coming from you 😉

  2. Dick Stanley

    It’s the least I can do.

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