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The Dems phony “rape epidemic”

Of course you’d have to be awfully uneducated or just plain stupid to pay attention to anything Joey Hairplugs had to say. But this blather about female college students enduring a rape epidemic is not only wrong, it’s egregiously wrong.. The incidence of rape has been on a downward plunge since 1992.

But, then, egregiously wrong is a good definition of Joey, the career pol and Vietnam War draft dodger, who is the only reason most Republicans don’t want to impeach Wormtongue. Because then Joey would become president. Gag.

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The crucifixions begin

Hey, don’t blame Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. They’re just fundies who follow the rules and crucifixions for Christians and other infidels are required by the Koran. You could look it up.

Course you could blame Obozo for being a moron for pulling the rug from under Mubarak, calling the Brotherhood moderates and backing their takeover of Egypt. But he can’t help it, any more than Biden can restrain himself. Unless, of course, maybe Old Slow Joey has got a plan. Ya think?

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Put a sock in it, Joey

biden_clownDo us all a favor, Joey. Leave Jerusalem to the adults. Go back to the circus where you belong. Or we’ll find a terrorist group that wants to take over east D.C. that you can set up talks with, while admonishing the D.C. government not to allow any development there without consideration of the terrorists. Can’t American pols do anything but pander? You could be helping your running mate try to bring down our high unemployment. You have problems at home, you know?

UPDATE:  Typical Obamalot. Hypocritical to a fault. But, really, it’s just the latest example of Israel Double Standard Time:

“Palestinian celebrations of mass-murderers are not a hindrance to the peace process, but building apartments in Jewish neighborhoods is. Why doesn’t one of the intrepid Sunday morning hosts ask an administration official why this is?”

Nope. Can’t. Would spoil the narrative. Can’t have that.

MORE:  Even the Israeli Left, no friend of Bibi (who, BTW, says development in East Jerusalem will continue), thinks Obamalot has gone too far.

The country is in excellant hands

"You are the possible. That is not hyperbole. You are the possible. We are the possible. And we have at once finally come to it. So seize it. Seize it. Because if you do not, it will slip from our grasp and determine the world you live in while you sit idly by."

This is not hyperbole. This is Vice President Joe Biden. Read it all. And laugh. Or weep. Or just sit idly by. Either way, it will go on and on, determining the world we live in. Gulp.

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Comic relief


Obamalot’s one saving grace. The clown prince, Joey Hairplugs.

Via American Digest.

UPDATE:  Let nothing, including national security, hold the clown prince back.

Bozo the VP

While the outrage is focused on Barry boy for singlehandedly "destroying the life savings of millions of Americans," as his so-called policies push the stock market to new lows, we mustn’t forget the first solid indication we had that ole Barry had, in fact, just fallen off the turnip truck.

Why, yes, that would be his selection of Joey Hairplugs to be his veep. Of course this could have been a case of picking someone so dumb that Barry would look brilliant by comparison. Sort of like Daddy Bush’s selection of Dan Quayle.

But Bozo the VP really is in a class by himself. Dan was young. His screwups could be forgiven as the fecklessness of youth. Biden has no excuse other than being stupidier than a box of rocks. His own brother and son, for instance, are neck-deep in that $8 billion Houston fraud. So Barry must have been kidding when he said: "Nobody messes with Joe." Uh, huh. Kidding, right? We can only hope. But given his track record to date, probably not.

Bad lost, worse won

The novelty act was voted best of show. Good grief.

It will be fascinating to read of Rev. Wright leading future prayer breakfasts at the White House, while expounding on his theories of the differences between white and black brains. Not to mention Minister Farrakhan’s bow-tied Fruit of Islam on the rope line.

I suppose the F.O.I. will form the backbone of Barry’s proposed federal civilian militia. Something tells me they won’t be operating in Texas, not if they value their lives. I suppose we can look forward to unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers (the Obama family babysitter) receiving the Medal of Freedom for his bravery in cop-killing and Pentagon bombing so long ago. He has dedicated his new book to Sirhan Sirhan, RFK’s assassin, which should please his acolyte Barry enormously. What will Hugo Chavez and Mamoud the Mad get? Besides state dinners, rides in the presidential helicopter, and salutes from the (choke) U.S. Marines? 

This is going to be a strange and, potentially quite bitter, four years with the nation’s first radical president whose bizarre attitudes will come clear, as someone said, when the pixie dust wears off. Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, a notorious anti-Semite whose political machine taught Barry much of what he knows of politics, including how to get around the campaign contribution laws, is probably sitting up in his grave wondering whether to cheer or spit. His machine finally took the White House, but at what cost?

As the Seablogger says, I hope the Secret Service works overtime to protect Barry. The thought of a President Biden, who is not a radical but is a fully-fledged moron, is even more fearful.

Bobby Jindal is now the best Republican hope for 2012. In the new person-of-color-game we’ll trade ours for yours. At least ours has executive experience and loves his country. Sarah’s another good choice. Or both–if Bobby’ll take veep. 😉