The chip on Obama’s shoulder

Military affairs analyst Ralph Peters’ take on Obamalot’s Israel policy:

“It’s become a credo of the left-wing that Israel is always the oppressor,” Peters continued, “and that the Palestinian terrorists are freedom fighters, etc. … Obama’s mother [was] extremely left, his university chums are on the left, he spent 20 years with the Rev. Wright – all of their doctrines say that the Palestinians are wonderful and that the Israelis are basically Nazis… I think that the President has gotten that by osmosis… This is our first anti-Israeli President; it’s bewildering and astonishing.”

Via Arutz Sheva.

UPDATE:   Is it really a chip, or more evidence of a serious personality disorder? We’d better hope it’s no more than ignorant arrogance.

0 responses to “The chip on Obama’s shoulder

  1. I still hope that the job will form the man. As it frequently happens with radical lefties or righties getting to a high post like this.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I was hoping the same thing. I’m beginning to wonder if it can, in his case. For instance, he is the first president, to my recollection, to take nuclear response off the table for all but nuclear-armed states. Bring on the bio and chem warfare, in other words. We won’t nuke you.

  3. I still don’t know how Obama got away with having Wright as his pastor and admitted mentor for twenty years. This suggests a real hatred for Jews on Obama’s part.

    It suggests it. Doesn’t prove it, but I’m not sure why he should get the benefit of the doubt on this.

    I know that if the pastor of my church spewed hate from the pulpit, I’d find another church.

    Aside from all that, Obama doesn’t have the slightest notion of what to do about Iran-engagement didn’t work-and so he lashes out at Netanyahu, knowing Bibi has to take it. Has a man ever been more out of his depth than Obama?

  4. Dick Stanley

    He got a pass on Wright because of his race. Half-race, that is. And he was even allowed to get away with lying about what he knew of the pastor’s beliefs. Truly pathetic. As for Iran, it looks like they will be getting nukes and all our talk about stopping them is just talk.