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The chip on Obama’s shoulder

Military affairs analyst Ralph Peters’ take on Obamalot’s Israel policy:

“It’s become a credo of the left-wing that Israel is always the oppressor,” Peters continued, “and that the Palestinian terrorists are freedom fighters, etc. … Obama’s mother [was] extremely left, his university chums are on the left, he spent 20 years with the Rev. Wright – all of their doctrines say that the Palestinians are wonderful and that the Israelis are basically Nazis… I think that the President has gotten that by osmosis… This is our first anti-Israeli President; it’s bewildering and astonishing.”

Via Arutz Sheva.

UPDATE:   Is it really a chip, or more evidence of a serious personality disorder? We’d better hope it’s no more than ignorant arrogance.

Barry and the reverend

Barry may get the nomination, sure enough. But I doubt he can survive Rev. Wright who is fast becoming Rev. Wrong. When you lie down with racist bigots, Barry, you get up with fleas.

MORE: Cobb does a great job, in this post and the comments, of explaining why there are Rev. Wrights in the black church and why they aren’t patriotic or even equality-minded, stands that may have a place among their parishioners (in what’s been called Sunday morning’s "most segregated hour") but aren’t going to play to patriots furious over Wright’s "God damn America" line. And they will vote against Barry in the general election, unless he can find a way to explain. Which seems unlikely to me. This sure doesn’t look like enough.