Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jay Rubin, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin, in his latest newsletter, has an appropriate reason why some Gentiles, especially, need to pause and honor the millions of innocent Holocaust dead this April 11th:

“… the end of the Holocaust [was] the beginning of a process to memorialize victims, rebuild shattered lives, punish perpetrators and educate bystanders.  The process … is no less important in an era when the leaders of Iran threaten the Jewish people with genocide and a local letter writer in Friday’s Austin American-Statesman portrays Israelis and ‘Zionists in America’ as modern day Nazis advocating ‘a final solution’ for the Palestinians.”

Even those without ignorant views could benefit from a close reading of such as this recent article about a survivor and this fine, older book by another. Or a careful look at these surviving children. Or the banality of evil in the satisfied grins of these real Nazis, SS taking a break from another hard day of murdering—not an Israeli or a Zionist among them.

0 responses to “Holocaust Remembrance Day

  1. Where I work I’m surrounded by leftists.
    I liked this one guy and allowed myself to get into a political discussion.
    He said that Bush = Hitler, and then defended it. “Hitler invaded countries, so did Bush.”

    I feel bad because I lost my temper. The problem was I liked and respected the guy and couldn’t believe who viciously ignorant he was being.
    Anybody who compares Bush (or the Joooooooooos) to Hitler shows a profound ignorance of both Hitler and Bush (the Jews in this instance).

    I don’t feel bad that I let him know I thought he was a f***ing idiot, I did regret getting into the conversation in the first place.
    I haven’t made that mistake again.

    Trivializing Hitler while viciously attacking Bush or the Jews is despicable and anybody who does it is either stupid and ignorant or just willfully ignorant.

    If the Jews wanted to wipe out the Palestinians, they would have done it 40 years ago. And if they really were that bad, they’d still own the Sinai and Syria and Lebanon would be called “Israel North”.
    I have nothing polite to say to such despicable people, when it comes up I just shake my head, call them ignorant, despicable fools and walk away.
    There’s no reason to be polite to anybody who says anything like that.

  2. Yesterday I saw a documentary made recently in Warsaw where this middle aged local spits in the general direction of the film crew and expresses his disappointment that Hitler didn’t finish the job with the Jews.

    Oh well, another day…