Why the MFA is no longer a sure thing

“Do they, like, hand out a memo on your first day of your MFA program telling you that writing about alcoholic working-class men who cannot communicate with their sons/fathers/wives is the only way to convey Authenticity? Well, take it from the assistant: we never want to see another god*** book about an alcoholic working-class man who cannot communicate with his son/father/wife ever, ever again, particularly if that story is written by a 22-year-old white kid from Westchester County.” 

Oh, happy day, the MFAers have to do some real work for a change. Heh.

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  1. Ach, it was good. Seeing all the crapola printed these days, it was a breath of fresh air.

  2. Dick Stanley

    There’s even more, actually, with DIY POD and other Indie publishing. The good part about them, however, is the crep is usually evident after the first five pages (sometimes, the first five sentences), as opposed to the first five dozen, and Amazon (and Smashwords ebooks) offer free previews before you buy. Just like bookstores, so to speak. Except it doesn’t take as long, when the typos, misspellings and fuzzy thinking are left unmodulated.

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