Knoxville 1863

I’m happy to announce the first edition of my new historical novel, Knoxville 1863, is now available in e-book format at Smashwords here. Multiple e-book formats, in fact, from Kindle to Stanza (iPod and iPod Touch) to Palm and Sony. Also available in paperback here.

The novel is  equal parts history and fiction about a Civil War battle that’s largely been passed over by historians despite its involving some of the most famous commanders and units of the Union and the Confederacy. Indeed, President Lincoln considered a Union victory at Knoxville a key to winning the Civil War.

Since reviews are so hard to come by, I’m offering a free copy of the e-book in any format you like to any rare reader who will agree to write a review at Smashbooks, whatever you think of the novel. I’m easy. After years in the news biz  I have a pretty thick skin. So leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll use your private email address to tell you how to get your free copy.

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  1. Don’t have an e-reader, but I did get Leaving the Alamo last week. I got it in a large shipment, two of the books are the latest in series so yours is last on the list.

    I’ll let you know when I read it. I should get to it by the weekend at the latest.
    I read the rest of the books but I’m rereading the first two books in one series before getting to the third one and I’m about 2/3rds through the first book.

    One of the books was the last in SM Stirling’s Dies the Fire series.
    The first two or three books were very good.
    The premise is that all of a sudden electricity, high-pressure steam and explosions no longer work so internal combustion, steam engines and guns don’t work.
    The first three books are about what might happen, so long as you accept the premise, the rest of the book flows.
    Starting with the 4th book it gets all metaphysical and full of gods and demons and even rewrites the cause in a great series he wrote, Island in the Sea of Time.

    I’m now depressed I read the 4th book because now I’m stuck reading it.

    Oh well. I also read “Escape from Hell”, Niven’s and Pournelle’s sequel to “Inferno”.
    It’s not very good, instead of writing a story they’re writing a religio-philosophical treatise.
    I would avoid it but the first one, “Inferno” is very good. It’s like Dante’s Inferno except you don’t need a million footnotes about the people and ideas to understand it.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Well thanks for getting a copy and let me know when, or if, you want to review it. I need to direct you to the appropriate Amazon page. I’ve switched distributors but Amazon has not taken down the older page. It’s unfortunately the one linked on the front page here. I’m trying to get that fixed. In the meantime, I’m going to take it down. Future purchases of print copies can be had at the “Buy Cavalry Scout Books” link on the left at the top, in red.

  3. I might have lied, I just realized the final book of the series The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell is coming out in a week. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for that book.
    So when I finish the three book series, I’m probably going to re-read the first 5 in that story for when the last one gets here.
    I guess it depends on when I finish this series.

    The Lost Fleet is a very good series, and I rarely like series longer than 3 books.

    It’s military sci-fi and has, IMO, the most realistic view of space battles and the story is pretty good.
    He keeps you guessing.

  4. Dick Stanley

    $2.99 seems to be the average price at Smashwords. Marketing theory says you want a low price but not so low that it makes the product seem shoddy.

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