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Knoxville 1863

I’m happy to announce the first edition of my new historical novel, Knoxville 1863, is now available in e-book format at Smashwords here. Multiple e-book formats, in fact, from Kindle to Stanza (iPod and iPod Touch) to Palm and Sony. Also available in paperback here.

The novel is  equal parts history and fiction about a Civil War battle that’s largely been passed over by historians despite its involving some of the most famous commanders and units of the Union and the Confederacy. Indeed, President Lincoln considered a Union victory at Knoxville a key to winning the Civil War.

Since reviews are so hard to come by, I’m offering a free copy of the e-book in any format you like to any rare reader who will agree to write a review at Smashbooks, whatever you think of the novel. I’m easy. After years in the news biz  I have a pretty thick skin. So leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll use your private email address to tell you how to get your free copy.


My indie short-story collection, Leaving the Alamo, Texas Stories After Vietnam, is now on Smashwords in multiple ebook formats, such as Stanza and Sony, at $2.95. Meanwhile, I’m shifting the paperback version from POD distributor Lulu to CreateSpace where it is suffering birthing pains at the moment. The print shift should mean more sales and a little bit more revenue, assuming my new marketing/advertising campaign keeps producing the orders that have been trickling in to the Lulu version for the past few weeks.