The Brit’s phony radar memorial


All countries have their cultural blinders, and none is so blind as he who will not see. This one, which is set in stone, as it were, claims to mark the approximate English site of the “birth of radar,” discounting much earlier work in Germany, the USA and elsewhere. All it needed was a bit less hubris in the wording. Englishman Robert Watson Watt certainly was a significant radar pioneer, especially in microwave radar. But he wasn’t even the midwife, let alone the matriarch, of the whole technology.

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  1. Hey, ask almost any Brit – the English army won the war. We helped a little bit, is all.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Exactly. I have a friend, an American, who grew up in London. She said it was not until she was in college in the States that she learned that we were even in World War II. Heh.

  3. There is one word missing that could have made the whole issue moot. I mean “birth of British radar”.

    As for different versions of history, imagine the French one. By today they probably teach that there were about 80 million French partisans in their resistance movement.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Actually, British radar preceded Sir Robert. The only way to make it accurate would be to have it say “the birth of microwave radar,” which would be too technical, I suppose.

    The frogs’ little Vichy problem is similar to the Northern states here which like to forget they not only had plenty of slave owners but had a large part in the slave trade prior to the 1830s or so. They prefer to think slavery was just a Southern problem.